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Voomtech forensic products
Voom Technologies Products Hard Copy 3P (HC3P)

2:1 forensic duplicator with speed capabilities that outpace current hard drive speed technology. The fastest duplicator on the market with up to 6.1GB/minute with hashing. Not limited by future drive speeds, the HC3P will continue to perform as hard drive speed technology advances, maintaining state-of-the-art functionality and protecting your future investment. More...

Super Duper

For mass duplication requirements, SuperDuper duplicates from 1 to up to 8 different drives at the same time. At up to 5.2GB per minute per drive, there is no loss of performance whether duplicating 1 or all 8 drives. More...

Shadow 3

Shadow 3 provides read/write access from the host computer, while maintaining the original hard disk drive unchanged and forensically sound. View suspect computers at the scene of the investigation in real time without prior need to image hard drives and without the need for clumsy virtual viewing software; all with absolutely no risk of corrupting the evidence More...

DriveWiper 3

High performance data destruction. Whether you're destroying older hard disk drive’s that contain sensitive information or reusing hard drives in forensic investigations, DriveWiper 3 ensures that your drives are forensically sanitised. DriveWiper 3 is efficient and simple to use featuring a 3-button interface and 2-line LCD display. More...

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Voom Technologies products improve the efficiency of law enforcement and forensic practitioners by speeding up the collection, analysis and presentation of digital data.
Forensic Data Duplication Voom Technolgies forensic data duplication products feature the fastest disk duplication speeds in the industry.

Based on their renowned forensics engineering, Hard Copy 3P and SuperDuper allow you to forensically duplicate from one to up to eight hard drives at the same time without any loss in performance.
Forensic Disk Wiping Forensically wipe disk drives with a portable device which supports both single-pass and multi-pass algorithms.

DriveWiper 3 is the new disk sanitiser from Voom Technologies which is highly configurable allowing you to automatically wipe Host Protected Areas (HPA's) and Device Configuration Overlays (DCO's).
Forensic Investigation You can now boot and run a suspect computer on-site without compromising evidence. Shadow2 enables you to access all applications, upload forensics software, operate suspect's customized programs and present evidence in its native environment.

Compatible with all major operating systems; Microsoft, Linux and Mac - it virtually eliminates any software or hardware incompatibility issues between the investigator's computer and the suspect computer commonly introduced in virtual viewing environments. Shadow2 guarantees that suspect hard drives are forensically preserved with built-in hardware write-blocker.
UK & Ireland Sales VSPL are an authorised reseller for Voom Technologies in the UK & Ireland. Please contact us today about your forensic requirement.

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