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Digital Forensic Computing

Digital forensic computing products


Boot systems; clone and wipe drives

These devices improve the collection, analysis and presentation of digital data.

If you need to speed up your investigation then we provide the devices which enable forensic examiners to image field data faster. You can read more about the full range of on-premise infrastructure solutions we provide which are deployed by territorial police and national law enforcement to accelerate their digital forensic investigation.


forensic disk duplicator drive imager

Hardcopy 3P | Forensic hard drive imager

An extremely fast and simple to use portable 1:2 forensic disk imaging and duplication device.

Deployed globally and used by police forces throughout the UK and Europe, this is the fastest forensic disk duplicator on the market with up to 6GB/minute with hashing. Clone, image, wipe, format. It does it all.



forensic write blocker

Shadow 3 | Forensic write blocker

A plug and play forensic write blocker to enable system analysis without altering evidence.

Don't alter evidence, use this write blocker when you are examining a system. Plug and play and compatible with pretty much any operating system, this is one of the best write blockers on the market allowing you to run any applications without altering evidence.



Voom Tech reseller partner in Marlow, Bucks, UK

We have partnered with Voom Technologies to supply products which improve the efficiency of law enforcement and forensic practitioners by speeding up the collection, analysis and presentation of digital data. VSPL is an authorised reseller for Voom Technologies in the UK & Ireland.


voom technologies forensic computing

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