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Rugged Portable Computers

  • Maintain efficiency in harsh environments with a range of fully customisable reliable rugged portable computers.

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Custom rugged portable computers

We provide fully customisable rugged workstations and servers to military, central government, law enforcement and industrial users, as well as semi-rugged portable notebooks, tablets and PDAs for mobile users. Rugged systems are suited to many different types of application, however they all share a common purpose - to maintain operational capacity when used in harsh environments. We supply rugged portable computer systems to meet your requirements, whether they require a fully-customised or semi-customised design.

MaxCube II Rugged Portable Server

An extremely compact and portable deployable rugged server. Feature rich and modular by design; configure for capacity, performance, graphics and connectivity.

Rugged portable server


MaxRax 3U13 Shortest Depth Rugged Server

The shortest depth rugged rackmount server which can be mounted in confined spaces. Ready to support any application. Features a rapidly removable storage caddy to remove internal storage.

Shortest depth rugged rackmount server

Shortest depth rugged server reseller, Marlow, Bucks, UK


MaxPac 8261 XL Rugged Portable Workstation

The industry leading ultimate performance rugged portable workstation for C2, imagery, exploitation and analysis. You've found it. Stop searching.

Rugged portable workstation

Rugged portable workstation reseller, Marlow, Bucks, UK


MaxRax 3U20 Short Depth Rugged Server

A short depth rugged server ready to mount in your vehicle to support any application. Features a rapidly removable storage caddy to remove internal storage.

Short depth rugged rackmount server

Short depth rugged server reseller, Marlow, Bucks, UK


MaxPac 8050A Rugged Portable Workstation

An entry level rugged portable workstation for when you need a little bit more performance than a typical high performance laptop could provide.

Entry level rugged portable workstation

Rugged portable workstation reseller, Marlow, Bucks, UK


Custom systems

We will work with your users, analysts and specifiers to integrate or customise a rugged solution to meet your project specific requirements. We have supplied COTS rugged computer systems to our customers which have been modified with a customised design.

Successful deployments

We have supplied rugged portable systems for the following solutions:

Rugged portable workstations
For broadcast, data acquisition and image exploitation.
Rugged payloads
Highly portable rugged payloads designed to be transportable by a single person.
Rugged portable servers
Deployable and embedded land and sea portable rugged servers to maintain military applications.
Rugged portable storage
Compact portable rugged storage devices including single, high capacity, HDDs and SDDs, as well as RAID protected storage and encrypted media to physically transport data securely between locations.
Rugged laptops
High performance rugged laptops and tablets for use within adverse weather conditions and secure environments, and small briefcase rugged servers providing server class performance in a portable laptop style device.

Feedback from some of the projects we have delivered

F1 engine telemetry system

Rugged portable telemetry solution

Helping engine manufacturers race to success.

VSPL was selected by a leading engine supplier to Formula 1 teams to help design and build a bespoke, high performance, telemetry solution.

I worked closely with the client's engineers and software team to deliver a prototype system within just six weeks from initial contact. VSPL delivered the entire solution on budget and on time which remained in service for ten years. Integrated in rugged transportable data cabinets the systems performed with unprecedented reliability, despite the rigours of continuous worldwide shipping and handling due to a radical and unique upgrade and maintenance procedure which was a first in the industry.

Nick Alaway - Project Lead, VSPL


Ruuged portable computer reseller in Marlow, Bucks, UK

We supply MaxVision Rugged Portable Computers for rugged projects throughout UK and Europe which require extreme performance. Designed to handle the most demanding performance and display requirements in extreme operating conditions, discover their COTS rugged workstations and servers.


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