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Data Storage

The exponential growth in both on-line and off-line data, together with the need for instant access, has put pressure on IT professionals to maximise their storage budgets when adding capacity. VSPL can help you to consolidate your environment allowing more efficient use of your IT resources and maximise the return on your storage investment.

storage solutions

all flash and hybrid storage

All flash and hybrid storage (Storage Area Network)

Accelerate application performance using the latest low latency all flash arrays (AFA) or hybrid arrays featuring a mix of HDD and SSD. Featuring a combination of traditional hardware RAID and all the advanced data management features you'd expect from the latest flash appliances, your applications will run many times faster than traditional SAN storage which uses spinning disk drives. SSDs are still more costly per GB when compared with spinning disk drives, so if you're thinking of buying an AFA, check that the storage vendor utilise the latest advanced data management features such as data de-duplication and compression to reduce the amount of capacity you actually need to buy.

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scale-out storage

Scale-out shared storage (Storage Area Network)

Do you need high-performance shared storage designed to accelerate collaborative workflows? A system which will enable you to scale capacity into hundreds of petabytes, and simplify administration through automated policy driven data tiering software? We've designed tightly integrated solutions for our customers including high bandwidth production storage and tape archives, with policy driven software which facilitates the capture, process and long term retention of massive amounts of data. We can help you to store more, process information faster than ever before, preserve and retain data more affordably, and provide the flexibility for you to store huge amounts of data on or off-premise.

petabyte scale storage

Petabyte scale unified SAN/NAS

How do you efficiently and affordably scale both performance and capacity in an enterprise to support mission critical business applications? Whether you need performance, throughput, or capacity, you can now deploy an exceptionally reliable petabyte-scale unified storage appliance to support SAN (block), NAS (file) and object storage within a single system. With an all you can eat or capacity on demand licence models, you'll never need to wait for a hardware upgrade again as you'll get everything on the floor from day one.

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primary storage

Fibre Channel SAN (Storage Area Network)

We partner with leading storage vendors to provide enterprise SAN (Storage Area Network) data storage solutions. These include extremely low latency systems with high bandwidth 16Gb FC (Fibre Channel) interfaces for mission critical environments. Examples of solutions we've provided include a stretched fibre channel cluster with synchronous mirroring for hosting a VM (virtual machine) estate, application acceleration for a mix of SQL and Exchange databases featuring the latest flash technology, and high performance fibre channel RAID arrays featuring the latest 8TB capacity helium filled hard drives to store large amounts of research data.

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primary storage

iSCSI SAN (Storage Area Network)

The JetStor range of VMware certified iSCSI RAID and IP-SAN arrays offer enterprise levels of performance and availability and an extremely competitive price point. Make the most of your budget with an affordable iSCSI storage solution that is certified with multiple hyper-visors and features comprehensive local support to suit any SLA. We've supplied system configured with all SSDs to support the most demanding database requirements, through to high density 10G iSCSI SAN arrays populated with large capacity NL-SAS drive to reduce data centre footprint.

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network attached storage

NAS (Network Attached Storage)

We offer a comprehensive range of NAS (Network Attached Storage) systems which address our customers' common challenges of storing and sharing large amounts of unstructured data. For those with modest Windows environments, latest generation affordable appliances may replace ageing file servers and simplify management. For those with larger capacity or higher performance requirements then 10Gb scale out NAS appliances can store large amounts of capacity within a single namespace. Examples of solutions we've provided include mirrored clustered NAS appliances for an HA (High Availability) trading system, scale-out clustered NAS systems for storing hundreds of terabytes of evidential data, and HA ZFS storage appliances to support very large SQL databases.

Selecting storage technology

Deciding which SAN to replace your existing reliable but legacy system with can be a time consuming and expensive task. Do you need to add SSD drives? Would you benefit from de-duplicating and compressing data? Do you really need all of those advanced data management features? Do you in fact just need a reliable, affordable, iSCSI VMware certified storage array? It's challenging keeping up with the latest technology and having to review the innovators every year takes up valuable time. So, where do you start?

Review storage technology with VSPL

As a vendor independent data storage integrator, we will guide you through the process of reviewing storage technology, and determining your actual needs. It's our job to know what is available, what's new on the scene, which technology works well and who to call to get the best deal. We will work with you to review prospective vendor technology before helping to architect a storage solution based on the criteria which you define.

Designing a storage solution to suit your requirements

We will liaise with the vendor(s), and your storage administrators and specifiers, to design a storage solution to suit your project specific requirements. We will always advise on the best ways to reduce costs, improve performance, reduce administration complexity, and provide you with improved availability. Importantly, we will only ever offer a technology solution best suited to your actual requirements - and never because it's the most expensive or fashionable.

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