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  • We architect scalable, flexible and efficient data storage solutions. This is just a small example of the storage appliances we provide.

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All flash & hybrid storage

Accelerate application performance using the latest low latency all flash arrays or hybrid arrays including a mix of spinning HDDs & fast SSDs.

All flash and hybrid storage appliances

PCI-E flash storageStorTrends reseller in Marlow, Bucks, UK

Featuring a combination of traditional hardware RAID and all the advanced data management features you'd expect from the latest storage appliance, your applications will run many times faster than traditional SAN storage which uses spinning disk drives alone.


Scale-out shared storage

Rely upon a high performance shared storage system designed to accelerate collaborative workflows working on extremely large file sizes.

Scale out shared storage

Stornext reseller in Marlow, Bucks, UK

Scale-out storage architecture enables capacity expansion into many petabytes, and simplifies administration through automated policy driven data tiering. We've designed integrated solutions for our customers to capture, process and provide long term retention.


Petabyte-scale NAS/SAN

A disruptively priced petabyte scale unified storage system designed to support multiple mission critical business applications.

Petabyte scale storage

Unified NAS/SAN

Whether you need performance, throughput, or capacity, you can now deploy an exceptionally reliable petabyte-scale unified storage appliance to support SAN (block), NAS (file) and object storage within a single, reliable, system managed through a single GUI.


SAS JBOD storage

Low cost 6Gb/s and 12Gb/s SAS JBOD disk expansion enclosures for software defined and scale-out projects requiring external capacity.

SAS JBOD Storage

low cost JBOD reseller in Marlow, Bucks, UK Quanta JBOD reseller in Marlow, Bucks, UKAIC storage JBOD reseller in Marlow, Bucks, UK

Great for Windows Server 2012 and other scale-out storage project, these reliable, high density, JBODs offer tremendous value for any project requiring fast dense capacity. High density is our speciality, we will integrate systems with 8TB helium filled hard drives making the maximum use of available rackspace, and reducing power and cooling costs in your datacentre.


Unified NAS/SAN

Consolidate all of your application and file serving requirements into one easy to scale and manage unified storage system.

Unified NAS/SAN

Unified NAS/SANZFS Unified NAS/SAN

Check these system if you need an afforable mid-range ZFS based HA system or the latest petabyte scale enterprise unified storage appliance to support the most demanding of workloads. We believe you should review these systems as part of any market analysis as they both represent tremendous value for the capacity and performance on offer.


High density storage

Make the most of your available rack space and reduce power and cooling with high density storage systems.

High density data storage systems

High density data storage

We offer a range of extremely high density, low cost, RAID, SAN and JBOD enclosures. Select high capacity 2TB SSDs for huge performance in a small footprint. The 80 bay JBOD can be configured with 8TB HDDs enabling up to 640TB of raw capacity in just 4U of rackspace.


JetStor Storage

Are you searching for reliable and cost-effective RAID or SAN storage? For over sixteen years, we have partnered with AC&NC to offer our customers the JetStor range of host independent storage arrays for block requirements.


The JetStor range of VMware certified iSCSI RAID and IP-SAN arrays offer enterprise levels of performance and availability.


Make the most of your budget with a reliable 10GbE iSCSI storage system which is certified for use with multiple hyper-visors, features SSD caching and all the advanced data management tootls you would expect from an enterprise level system, has comprehensive support to suit any SLA - all for much less than you'd typically pay from any of the larger well known storage vendors.


Fibre Channel RAID & SAN

We partner with JetStor to provide affordable mid-range Fibre Channel RAID and Storage Area Network (SAN) disk arrays.

Fibre Channel RAID & SAN storage

With 8Gb or 16Gb Fibre Channel (FC) interfaces for mission critical environments, and multiple drive bays for high density deployment, our customers rely upon JetStor for production environments as well as for bulk storage projects where we integrate systems configured with the latest 8TB capacity helium filled hard drives.


SAS RAID arrays

Low cost JetStor SAS RAID storage arrays are ideal for external server storage, or a switched SAS storage network.

Direct Attached Storage SAS RAID

If you need affordable storage capacity then check out these JetStor arrays. With 6Gb/s or 12Gb/s SAS interfaces and fully redundant designs, models include small form factor and high density chassis designs with multiple drive bays to make maximum use of your rack space.


Feedback from some of the projects we have delivered

Shared storage area for Met Police

Network storage for digital forensic investigation

Helping the police to protect and process evidence affordably.

Simply, we were looking to acquire as much storage, at the best price possible, and got the best deal with JetStor out of all the manufacturers we approached. VSPL also had a good understanding of our requirements and sold us the best, not the most expensive, equipment to meet our needs. We have also enjoyed excellent after sales service.

John Jack - Computer Systems Laboratory Manager, SCD4, Metropolitan Police


Custom engineering design

Large-scale archival storage of digital objects

Helping The British Library build a large-scale digital preservation system.

Our procurement was conducted using the procedures appropriate for a UK Government body. After careful consideration of the sixteen responses that we received we awarded the tender to VSPL, who proposed a solution using JetStor disk arrays. The cost quoted was well under £100,000.

Technology Watch Report - Digital Preservation Coalition


Arcserve reseller partner in Marlow, Bucks, UK

Arcserve provides a comprehensive range of software and appliance based data protection and recovery solutions for physical and virtual environments. Deployed to support infrastructure on-site, or located remotely, you can view and manage your entire environment through a single unified management platform.


Dell reseller in Marlow, Bucks, UK

We partner with Dell to provide their industry leading server and storage hardware which we deploy extensively within our public sector clients. These include local government, central government, law enforcement, defence, education and healthcare. We provide the full suite of Dell products and services.


HGST drive partner in Marlow, Bucks, UK

We integrate storage systems with HGSTs high capacity helium filled disk drives to provide the bulk storage capacity for large-scale storage projects. HGST manufactures SSDs, HDDs, JBODs and a petabyte scale active archive, based on object storage technology, for long term retention of data.


ExaGrid reseller in Marlow, Bucks, UK

ExaGrid is a massively scalable, affordable, disk-based network backup appliance which works with your existing backup application. It speeds up backup and recovery times, and reduces the need for costly upgrades through an intelligent grid scaling architecture. Backup copies can be replicated between appliances over IP for DR.


Quantum partner in Marlow, Bucks, UK

We provide best in class Quantum Scalar intelligent scalable tape libraries which enable our customers to safeguard their data in an affordable, reliable and easy to manage system. We also provide StorNext scale out shared storage appliances, ideal for collaborating on large data sets.


Cisco datacentre partner in Marlow, Bucks, UK

Cisco continuously improve the way people and businesses connect. VSPL is a Cisco select solution partner and provide datacentre solutions built upon the entire Cisco portfolio spanning the key areas of networking, security and unified computing. VSPL is committed to further establishing its relationship with Cisco.


JetStor reseller in Marlow, Bucks, UK

JetStor (by AC&NC) is a comprehensive portfolio of affordable, mid-range RAID arrays for DAS, NAS, unifiediSCSI IP and FC SAN storage appliances, including the highest density energy efficient SAN arrays and JBODs. Certified with VMware, Citrix and Microsoft, we have supplied JetStor storage systems for over 15 years.


Infinidat partner in Marlow, Bucks, UK

VSPL is a UK based Infinidat reseller. We have partnered with Infinidat to address the demand from our customers for a petabyte scale enterprise grade storage system to support their mission critical applications and file data requirements.


HPE reseller in Marlow, Bucks, UK

We provide solutions built on HPEs range of servers, storage and networking products. We also support the entire back catalogue of legacy products including Digital, Compaq and HP branded equipment. We have supplied HP infrastructure solutions to our customers since their acquisition of Compaq in 2001.


Seagate drive partner in Marlow, Bucks, UK

We have integrated storage solutions featuring reliable Seagate drives for over 15 years. We provide the latest Seagate 3.5" NL-SAS HDDs for bulk storage, and 2.5" 10k enterprise performance drives for applications requiring faster transaction processing. We provide the full range of Seagate's products and services.


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