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Object Storage

Commercially supported on-premise S3 compliant private cloud storage systems. For those who wish to work autonomously or cannot store data with externally managed cloud storage providers, you can now host all of your unstructured data on your own affordable, private, object storage system. Scalability is at the heart of every solution we provide.

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data storage array

With 720.0TB for £** Excluding delivery, installation and VAT.

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HGST P100 Active Archive ActiveScale

A factory integrated scale up and scale out affordable object storage system. With a low entry point, Active Scale has been designed to support the long term retention of data requiring fast retrieval.

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data storage array

With 672.0TB for £** Excluding delivery, installation and VAT.

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HGST SA7000 Active Archive

A factory integrated, highly resilient, scalable and affordable private cloud solution for the long term retention of all unstructured data requiring fast retrieval. Start with a single system, and then scale-out by deploying accross your global sites.

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HGST drive partner in Marlow, Bucks, UK

We are an HGST Enterprise Partner, integrating and supplying storage systems with HGSTs high capacity helium filled disk drives to provide the bulk storage capacity for large-scale storage projects. HGST manufactures SSDs, HDDs, JBODs and a petabyte scale active archive, based on object storage technology, for the long term retention of data.


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