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HGST SA7000 Active Archive

A factory integrated, highly resilient, scalable and affordable private cloud solution for the long term retention of all unstructured data requiring fast retrieval. Start with a single system, and then scale-out by deploying accross your global sites.

Active Archive

Active Archive

Best for long term retention and instant access to data

When you need to retain large amounts of unstructured data, but still require instant access to it, then it’s worth considering an HGST Active Archive. Featuring tightly integrated controller nodes, storage, networking and next generation object storage technology, Active Archive is a plug-and-play, scalable, and affordable entry point for those with petabyte scale data growth. Starting at just 672TB raw capacity (which is about 417TB available) you can scale up to 16.9PB of usable, geographically protected, accessible archived storage in a single namespace.

Technical specification

  • Deployed in 42U cabinets
  • Data durability 99.9999999999999%
  • RESTful S3 (NFS/SMB via NAS gateway)
  • Up to 2.9PB usable capacity per rack
  • Scale to 6.9PB usable capacity (across three sites)
  • 3.5GB/s of throughput (per site)
Software defined storage soltutions

Petabyte scale unified backup and archive

Consolidate archive and backup data for maximum value

For those with two or three interconnected sites, you could consolidate irregularly accessed data, with all of your backups, in a simple to scale unified backup/archive solution. By deploying an Active Archive you could achieve considerably better resiliency through the distribution of data across multiple sites, reduce your costs by removing the requirement to replicate storage, and survive a complete loss of a site without losing any data.

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Instant access to archive storage

Instant access to archive storage

Working with huge data sets requires a big data solution

If you are working with huge data sets within healthcare, or life sciences, then you will be familiar with the challenges of storing and sharing data. You could deploy an Active Archive as a secure internal cloud storage solution, which would enable instant shared access to all irregularly accessed data. Benefit from cloud-like scalability, durability, and efficiency with an extremely low cost per usable Gigabyte.

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HGST drive partner in Marlow, Bucks, UK

We are an HGST Enterprise Partner, integrating and supplying storage systems with HGSTs high capacity helium filled disk drives to provide the bulk storage capacity for large-scale storage projects. HGST manufactures SSDs, HDDs, JBODs and a petabyte scale active archive, based on object storage technology, for the long term retention of data.


HGST storage partner and reseller

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