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Scale-Out Shared Storage

Are you looking for high-performance shared storage to accelerate your workflow? Well, our customers rely upon StorNext, the leading file system which can be scaled into multiple petabytes spanning high performance shared production storage appliances, on-line archive storage, and tape archives for long term data retention.

What are you looking for?

Scalable Storage Appliance

Rely upon a high performance shared storage system designed to accelerate collaborative workflows working on extremely large file sizes.

Stornext reseller in Marlow, Bucks, UK

Scale-out storage architecture enables capacity expansion into many petabytes, and simplifies administration through automated policy driven data tiering. We've designed integrated solutions for our customers to capture, process and provide long term retention.

On-Line Archive Storage

Keep your files readily accessible on disk in an extremely fault tolerant on-line archive which scales into multiple petabytes.

Quantum Lattus Storage

Quantum StorNext partner in Marlow, Bucks, UK

Migrate data irregularly accessed off of your production SAN to reduce your costs. For long term retention of large data sets, consider a massively scalable object storage system like Quantum Lattus. Performance is somewhere between primary disk and tape, so you can access data a lot faster than if it were on tape. You can also distribute data between sites to meet any DR objectives.

Tape Archive Storage

Archive to Quantum Scalar Library using latest generation LTO media for the long term preservation and retention of your data.

Quantum Scalar Archive

Quantum StorNext Archive partner in Marlow, Bucks, UK

You can start archiving your data to tape using a small library, and then add additional capacity or more drives to meet any future capacity growth demands. When combined with a StorNext soltution you can benefit from automated tiering even using available tape capacity as if it were disk.

Quantum partner in Marlow, Bucks, UK

We provide best in class Quantum Scalar intelligent scalable tape libraries which enable our customers to safeguard their data in an affordable, reliable and easy to manage system. We also provide StorNext scale out shared storage appliances, ideal for collaborating on large data sets.


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