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Unified Storage (NAS/SAN)

Unified Storage (NAS/SAN)

For storing and sharing large amounts of data.

With multi protocol support including file (NAS), block (iSCSI and Fibre Channel SAN) and object storage for storing huge amounts of data, you can consolidate all of your storage requirements into one easy to scale and manage system - whatever your capacity or performance requirements. We provide systems including mirrored clustered NAS appliances with High Availability (HA), scale-out clustered NAS systems for storing hundreds of terabytes of evidential data, through to scale-out ZFS based appliances that support very large SQL databases.


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JetStor 1600S

data storage array

With 96TB for £9895** Excluding delivery, installation and VAT.

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JetStor 1600S Unified Storage Array

The new JetStor 1600S unified storage array provides highly flexible and scalable storage with multiple NAS and SAN (iSCSI/FC) interfaces.

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JetStor storage area network products

Vendor neutral

As a vendor neutral data storage integrator, we will guide you through the process of reviewing storage technology and determining your actual needs. We can help you to understand how you would benefit from using NVMe SSD drives on your hosts, or how you could reduce raw capacity needs through efficient data reduction technology. Just ask!


What's hot; what's not

Concentrate at being awesome at your job. It's our job to know what is available, what's new on the scene, which technology works well and who to call to get the best deal. We will work with you to review prospective vendor technology before helping you to architect a storage solution based on the criteria which you define.


Advice and design

We will liaise with your storage administrators and specifiers to design a storage solution that suits your project specific requirements. We will always advise on the best ways to reduce costs, improve performance, reduce administration complexity, and provide you with improved availability. Importantly, we will only ever offer a technology solution best suited to your actual requirements - and never because it's the most expensive or fashionable.

JetStor reseller in Marlow, Bucks, UK

JetStor (by AC&NC) is a comprehensive portfolio of affordable, mid-range RAID arrays for DAS, NAS, unifiediSCSI IP and FC SAN storage appliances, including the highest density energy efficient SAN arrays and JBODs. Certified with VMware, Citrix and Microsoft, we have supplied JetStor storage systems for over 15 years.


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