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IT Procurement

A quality assured efficient IT procurement and configuration service supplying a broad range of IT hardware and software from leading vendors. We don't just work with the largest well known manufacturers, we also represent industry-specific vendors and innovators with disruptive technology.

  • Procurement & Supply
  • Managed Procurement Service
  • Configuration
it procurement

Procurement & Supply

Adding value throughout the procurement process.

Leveraging our long standing commercial relationships with leading technology vendors, VSPL is able to source and supply a wide breadth of IT hardware and software from leading tier-1 and smaller tier-2 vendors.

  • We will always seek to provide the best pricing for products and services as we know this is often a priority for our customers.
  • We will always propose the most appropriate solution for your business, never the most costly.
  • We will always deliver the contract when we say we will.

Whether it's a software application, a complex data-centre switching configuration, a single server or a complete hardware refresh - task VSPL to demonstrate the added value we bring to every purchase.

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it procurement

Managed Procurement Service

Quality assured, efficient, managed IT procurement service.

Consolidation equates to big cost savings. If you've already consolidated your IT hardware infrastructure, perhaps you should think about consolidating your IT purchasing too?

By restructuring  your IT supplier relationships and consolidating to a single supplier with a structured purchasing arrangement, designed and defined especially for you, you save time, benefit from a dedicated and experienced account management team, and achieve the best pricing for products and services resulting in large cost savings for your business.

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it procurement


Reduce time and effort spent setting up on-site.

We won’t just ship you the boxes. We’ll integrate and pre-configure the system for you so when it’s delivered - it’s ready to go.

We progress each system configuration through a quality assured managed process, so you know that what you've asked for is what you’ll receive. Whether it’s standard imaging for your corporate desktops, or advanced configuration settings for your server, task VSPL with your next IT purchase.

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