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Professional Services

We provide high level consultancy, technical leadership and strategic direction on data storage management infrastructure projects throughout the UK & Europe. We offer expert technical architecture design, as well as the supply, installation and integration of any new solution or service.

  • Technical Consulting
  • Installation
  • System Integration
technical consulting

Technical Consulting

Know what you want but need a little help getting there?

When you require assistance with developing a new service offering, or need help to architect a simple or technically complex solution, then VSPL can assist you in this process by adding knowledge and expertise at every step of the way.

We've designed end to end data management solutions, scalable storage networks, high bandwidth storage solutions for video editing, and globally deployable mobile telemetry cabinets.

We've really enjoyed helping our customers with their IT projects, so if you'd like some help then it would be great to discuss your next project with you.

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installation & commissioning


VSPL services improve efficiency and reduce complexity.

For those times when you need more than just the supply of products, you'll be pleased to learn that we're happy to install, set-up and commission your new hardware or software purchases for you. We'll pre-configure your new system for you so it comes with with your provided networks settings speeding up installation on-site.

Whether it's a new server to add to your existing cluster and you just require physical rack-mounting and cabling, or you'd like us to assist you in deploying a scalable network storage solution requiring replication between data centres - we're here to ensure that your installation runs smoothly, and if there are any challenges presented then we're on hand to help you overcome them.

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system integration

System Integration

Let us focus on integrating technology for you.

We specialise in designing, specifying, and then bringing together server and storage based technology to integrate bespoke computing solutions which address often complex business problems.

We've been doing this for over 20 years, and have assisted with plenty of virtualisation and consolidation projects helping applications run faster while achieving lower-costs for our customers. We're really good at it.

If a product is not available off the shelf, we have the capability to integrate a solution through our ability to bring together products and services from our vendor partners, customise COTS technology or design bespoke hardware and software.

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