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+44 (0)1628 891616
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Service & Support

Support, maintenance and field engineering services covering new and legacy IT hardware and software infrastructure. We provide on-site and off-site maintenance covering multi-vendor technology, and supply spares or replacement hardware to keep your infrastructure fully operational.

On-site IT maintenance

VSPL provide on-site IT maintenance and off-site repairs for our customers, acting as a primary contact service partner covering multi-vendor technology installed within their organisation. Our aim is to reduce complexity for our customers by providing a single point of contact for maintenance of their new, existing and legacy hardware and software.

Spares & repairs

If you're after an efficient hardware repair or replacement service for a wide breadth of IT infrastructure, including field based or satellite office equipment, or critical business systems installed in your data-centres, then we're flexible in our approach to support. We will offer a service with an SLA which matches your needs.

Multi-vendor support

We continue to support our customers who still rely on legacy IT infrastructure branded HP, Compaq, Digital, IBM, Sun, Cisco as well as tier two vendor technology. We continue to support HP's entire legacy systems back catalogue and can demonstrate a high degree of knowledge of DEC Alpha, Itanium, StorageWorks and related OS and software.

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