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Software Services

When it comes to licensing your software correctly, it's often a complex and lengthy task. VSPL simplify this process by providing a software licensing and managed renewal service which covers all of your software assets ensuring compliance and continuity.

  • Software Licensing
  • Managed Renewal Service

Software licensing

Rely upon our efficient and knowledgeable team of software consultants to ensure that your software is correctly licenced and that your organisation remains compliant at all times.

We will reduce complexity by presenting validated license options for you to select from which will allow you to make the most of your software assets. Not only do we help our customers by undertaking software licencing for new products, we also provide bolt on options and upgrades as well as providing a software licence renewal service covering both new and legacy software products.

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Managed renewal service

Managing software renewals is often a complex job as software is deployed at different times. How can you manage this process more effectively?

Discovering that your software version is out of date, or worse still unsupported, can prove a costly and time consuming process to rectify, not to mention making you non-compliant. VSPL will manage your software renewals for you and provide:

  • a consolidated date for all renewals to suit your budget, or bring staggered renewal dates in-line
  • reduce costs by consolidating renewals into single contracts
  • ensure compliance across all software assets throughout your organisation

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