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Vector and Scalar Products (VSPL)


We help organisations become more agile by integrating solutions which embrace the latest technology advancements. This enables their IT infrastructure to accommodate the demands within modern day society for instant access to data, in any location at any time. We can provide as much or as little consultancy as you need.


virtualisation products

From the desktop to the data centre, we can help you significantly reduce your IT complexity, improve efficiency and enable higher resource utilisation through virtualisation technology.



enterprise networks solutions

From enterprise networks to data-centre computing and security; we can help you become better connected.


Did you know?

Sometimes your project may require something that just isn't available off the shelf. Since 1988, VSPL has earned an enviable reputation developing and then integrating bespoke IT infrastructure and has written specialised software for some key IT projects throughout the UK. If a product is not available off the shelf then we also provide the capability to integrate a solution through our ability to bring together products and services from our vendor partners, customise Component Off The Shelf (COTS) technology, or design a bespoke piece of hardware or software to really bring your project to life.

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