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Data Management

Managing data more effectively

We can improve the way you store, access and manage your data.

The exponential growth in both on-line and off-line data, together with the need for instant access, has put pressure on organisations to maximise their budgets when refreshing hardware or deploying new or additional capacity. We provide custom solutions designed to effectively manage the growth of data within small, medium and enterprise sized organisations. We can help to keep costs low without compromising on availability, reliability, performance or capacity, regardless of whether you have a single site or multiple global locations.

How we can help you

Storage assessment

How much data do you have? How much capacity do you really need? What kind of performance do you need to deliver?

We can help you gain insight into your storage environment by undertaking a storage assessment, revealing the metrics you need in order to make an informed decision on the technology you need to deploy. We integrate storage solutions for our customers, ranging from direct attach external JBODs through to scale-out Storage Area Networks (SANs) and object storage solutions for distributed near-line access and archiving to.

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