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Forensic Computing

We have more than 15 years' experience designing data storage solutions to accelerate digital forensic investigation. We work with regional and national computer crime units, government departments and commercial forensic organisations. Over 50% of UK police forces use custom data storage solutions from us.

digital forensics

With the increasing dependence on mobile devices within society, computer misuse (electronic crime or e-crime) is on the rise. VSPL has gained more than 15 years' experience from working closely with law enforcement and other forensic practitioners based throughout the UK, to commission and support data storage solutions which improve analyst efficiency, reduce IT complexity, streamline workflows and reduce or remove the dependency on individuals to maintain their IT infrastructure.

What do we offer you?

We provide high level consultancy, technical leadership and detailed technical architecture on data storage infrastructure projects large and small. We assist organisations undertaking digital forensic investigation by enabling them to ingest, process and archive data faster and more securely than ever before. We are an active participant at forensic forums and seminars and regularly exhibit industry conferences and exhibitions.

secondary storage

Secondary or value tier storage

VSPL is well known for offering affordable high capacity storage solutions. We've partnered with AC&NC providing JetStor storage solutions since the late 1990’s to our customers in the UK who had traditionally bought more expensive storage hardware and who now had a requirement to increase performance or capacity with a reduced IT budget.  For over fifteen years, VSPL has supplied reliable, high capacity, and highly-available JetStor storage systems for direct-attach, FC-SAN, iSCSI IP-SAN and unified RAID and SAN arrays to end users throughout the UK and Europe, across all vertical markets. JetStor systems offer a cost effective alternative to traditional storage vendor technology, and feature extremely high-density 4U, 64 bay and 80 bay disk arrays for high-performance and bulk storage requirements.

secondary storage

High density data storage

For extremely large capacity data storage requirements it makes sense to try to reduce the amount of rack-space required in your data centre or server room. By consolidating capacity into high density storage enclosures you will be able to store more data on less hardware, which reduces your footprint and increases energy savings by lowering the power and cooling requirements. JetStor high density storage systems offer an industry leading solution featuring some extremely high-density 4U, 64 bay and 80 bay disk arrays for bulk storage requirements. With flexible interface options including iSCSI, Fibre Channel, and SAS connections you can now store up to 6.4PB of RAW disk capacity in a standard depth 42 bay data cabinet. Amazed? Ask us how.

backup and recovery

Key solution partners

We partner with a blend of established industry leading vendors and start up technology innovators to provide a balanced portfolio of products and services. We've carefully selected the vendors we work with in order to deliver agile, intelligent and affordable technology led solutions which help our customers to improve their IT services and reduce costs. You can explore below the key vendors we work with to deliver the solutions described on this page.


VSPL supply solutions built on HP's entire range of desktops, servers, storage and networking products. We also support the entire back catalogue of legacy products including Compaq and Digital branded equipment. We have supplied HP infrastructure solutions to law enforcement and security agencies for over 10 years.

Cisco Select Partner

Cisco continuously improve the way people and businesses connect. VSPL is a Cisco select solution partner and provide datacentre solutions built upon the entire Cisco portfolio spanning the key areas of networking, security and unified computing. VSPL is committed to further establishing its relationship with Cisco.


JetStor (by AC&NC) is a comprehensive portfolio of affordable, mid-range RAID arrays for DAS, NAS, unifiediSCSI IP and FC SAN storage appliances, including the highest density energy efficient SAN arrays and JBODs. Certified with VMware, Citrix and Microsoft, we have supplied JetStor storage systems for over 15 years to end users in the UK.


We partner with Dell to provide their industry leading server and storage hardware, which is deployed extensively within our public sector clients. These include local government, central government, law enforcement, defence, education and healthcare. We provide the full suite of Dell products and services.

Voom Technologies

We have partnered with Voom Technologies to supply products which improve the efficiency of law enforcement and forensic practitioners by speeding up the collection, analysis and presentation of digital data. VSPL is an authorised reseller for Voom Technologies in the UK & Ireland.


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