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Rugged Computers

When you need to maintain efficiency in a harsh or demanding environment then you require a proven, dependable, rugged system. We supply fully customisable rugged workstations and servers from leading manufacturers to military, central government, law enforcement, industrial and mobile users requiring semi-rugged portable notebooks, tablets and PDAs. 

rugged solutions

Rugged systems are suited to many different types of application, however they all share a common purpose - to maintain operational capacity when used in harsh environments. We supply customised rugged computer solutions to meet your requirements, whether they require fully-customised or semi-customised designs.

What do we offer you?

We will work with your users, analysts and specifiers to integrate or customise a rugged solution that meets your project specifications. We have supplied customised COTS rugged computer systems to meet pretty much any requirement whether they were fully-customised or semi-customised designs. So, whatever your project, and whatever your special requirements, if you're ready to start a conversation then please speak with our experienced team. Or continue reading about the solutions we've delivered and the partners we work with.

What rugged solutions have we provided?

A few examples of the kinds of rugged solutions we've provided include:

rugged systems rugged systems rugged systems

Rugged Portable Workstations
For broadcast, data acquisition and image exploitation.
Rugged Payloads
Highly portable rugged payloads designed to be transportable by a single person.
Rugged Portable Servers
Deployable and embedded land and sea portable rugged servers to maintain military applications.
Rugged Portable Storage
Compact portable rugged storage devices including single, high capacity, HDDs and SDDs, as well as RAID protected storage and encrypted media to physically transport data securely between locations.
Rugged Laptops
High performance rugged laptops and tablets for use within adverse weather conditions and secure environments, and small briefcase rugged servers providing server class performance in a portable laptop style device.

backup and recovery

Key solution partners

We partner with a blend of established industry leading vendors and start up technology innovators to provide a balanced portfolio of products and services. We've carefully selected the vendors we work with in order to deliver agile, intelligent and affordable technology led solutions which help our customers to improve their IT services and reduce costs. You can explore below the key vendors we work with to deliver the solutions described on this page.

MaxVision Rugged Portable Computers

We work closely with MaxVision Rugged Portable Computers for rugged projects in UK and Europe which require extreme performance from COTS rugged systems. Customised to any design, MaxVision products have been designed to handle the most demanding performance and display requirements in extreme operating conditions.


Getac manufacture ultimate rugged notebooks, tablets and handheld devices which are designed to perform in adverse weather conditions and extreme working environments. Getac products are extensively used by mobile workforce industries including military, law enforcement, public safety, manufacturing and utilities.


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