What do we supply?

We partner with technology providers to supply a range of server, storage, networking and software products - which we combine to create agile, scalable and efficient solutions for our clients who need to deploy infrastructure on-premises or transition to hybrid-cloud.

hybrid-cloud infrastructure solution provider

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Our storage products are designed to make the most of available rack space, and to reduce power and cooling requirements in your data-centre.

High-capacity SAN arrays
Systems configured with HDD, and all-flash with large-capacity client SSDs or highest-performing NVMe SSD.
Scale-up and scale-out NAS systems
Go big on capacity through a single node by attaching JBODs to a server, or scale-out linearly with multiple nodes.
High-density storage servers and JBOD enclosures
Select the highest density systems and most-affordable disk expansion enclosures for Software Defined Storage (SDS) projects

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Systems and Servers

We custom build white box x86 systems, and configure servers from industry leading vendors like HPE, Supermicro and Dell, with the performance and capacity that you need to deliver your application(s).

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Rugged Portable Computers

We provide custom and semi-custom rugged portable servers, workstations and storage systems to enable real-time data analysis and decision making.

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Duplicators & Write Blockers

Duplicators, imagers and write-blockers that help improve the collection, analysis and presentation of digital data within the digital investigation community.

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