HardCopy 3P | Forensic Drive Imager

An extremely fast and simple to use portable 1:2 forensic drive imaging and duplication device.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Up to 6Gb/min duplicating with hashing
  • Greater than 2TB support
  • Select MD5/SHA256 verification
  • Duplicate or wipe two drives simultaneously 

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HardCopy 3P

Hardcopy 3P fast duplicator

Fast data duplication

The Hardcopy 3P is an extremely fast 1:2 forensic disk duplicator.

Clone, image, wipe, format - it is the quickest duplicator on the market with up to 6GB/minute with hashing. Not limited by future drive speeds, the HC3P will continue to perform as hard drive speed technology advances maintaining state-of-the-art functionality and protecting your future investment.


Rugged transport case

Rugged transport case

Transport your kit with a customised rugged Pelican™ waterproof airline carry-on case.

Featuring a custom cut out foam insert and a mesh seal-able pocket in the lid, you can now fit all of your Voom Technolgies forensic products including cables, adapters, disk drives and power leads in one easy to transport case. Especially useful for when needing to transport lots of kit between locations.


Voom Tech reseller partner in Marlow, Bucks, UK

Voom Technologies

Duplicators & write blockers.

We have partnered with Voom Technologies to supply products which improve the efficiency of law enforcement and forensic practitioners by speeding up the collection, analysis and presentation of digital data. VSPL is an authorised reseller for Voom Technologies in the UK & Ireland.