MaxRax 3U20 Vehicle Mounted Rugged Short Depth Server

Short depth rack-mountable rugged server for command vehicle and shipboard conditions.

  • Short depth 3U 20" rugged rackmount server
  • Dual Intel® Xeon® E5-2660 10 core processors
  • Up to 256GB RAM
  • Optional Quadro Graphics
  • 10 x 3.5" or 2.5" removable HDD or SSD including encryption
  • FCC and CE certifications
  • PCI-E expansions slots for your choice of HBAs
  • Fully customisable for any project

Download Technical Specification

Download Technical Specification

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  • 3U20-1
  • 3U20-2
  • 3U20-3
rapid deployment rugged system

Rapid deployment

Grab and go. Featuring desert grade filters which eliminate nearly all small particles, this system has been designed to be deployed in forward operating positions, without the benefit of conditioned power or conditioned air. Ready to deploy globally, this system comes with a custom rugged water tight flight case for added protection.

rugged rackmount server

Rugged rackmount server

Designed to deliver outstanding performance in harsh environments, including command vehicle and shipboard conditions. The MaxRax 3U20 is a 3U high, 20" short depth rugged rack-mount high-performance server suitable for ship, aircraft and wheeled vehicle applications. Don't compromise on performance - select the MaxRax for your project.


maxpac power

Universal power

Not only can you configure this system with the performance, graphics and capacity you require, it also features full range 850 Watt power supply supporting 90 – 264VAC 50/60Hz and 115VAC 400Hz avionics power common to aircraft power systems. An integrated 28VDC converter will also accept 22 – 30VDC input power common to ground vehicles and helicopters.


customisable rugged system


Need to add your own devices or modules? Approximately 50% of rugged portable computer production is full-custom or semi-custom designs so this system is fully customisable whatever your application specific requirements. Join existing large corporate customers and the MOD in customising an existing design.

Ruuged portable computer reseller in Marlow, Bucks, UK


Rugged portable computers.

We supply MaxVision Rugged Portable Computers for rugged projects throughout UK and Europe which require extreme performance. Designed to handle the most demanding performance and display requirements in extreme operating conditions, discover their COTS rugged workstations and servers.


Feedback from some of the projects we have delivered

F1 HPC engine telemetry system

Helping Honda race to success by capturing and processing telemetry data in real-time

I worked closely with Honda's research engineers and software teams to deliver a prototype system within just six weeks from initial contact with VSPL. The development platform was delivered on budget and on time, with production systems commissioned and remaining in service for ten years. Integrated in rugged transportable data cabinets, the systems were transported to each test and race, performing with unprecedented reliability despite the rigours of continuous global shipping and handling.

Nick Alaway - Formula One Project Lead