HGST Ultrastar Data102 JBOD

HGST Ultrastar Data102 SAS JBOD Enterprise

The big daddy! This is an extremely high density JBOD. We use it for scale-up, scale-out storage projects.

This is the highest-density 12Gb SAS JBOD, designed for all scale-out, scale-up software-defined storage projects. You can deploy 1.2PB of raw HDD capacity in a single 4U extremely affordable enclosure.

Technical specification

  • (4U) rackmount chassis
  • 102 x 3.5'' hot-swap drive bays
  • System scalable to 102 drive bays
  • Max system capacity 1,428TB with 14TB drives
  • Dual redundant 12Gb SAS JBOD controllers
  • 12 x 12Gb/s mini-SAS HD host ports
  • Dual 1600W high efficiency redundant hot swappable power supplies
  • Industry-standard SCSI Enclosure Services

Example pricing

HGST Ultrastar Data102 May 2022 capacity bundles:

1020TB* for £30,884**

* Using 102 x 10TB 7.2k NL-SAS drives.
** Excluding delivery, installation or VAT.

1224TB* for £35,939**

* Using 102 x 12TB 7.2k NL-SAS drives.
** Excluding delivery, installation or VAT.

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Suitable applications

  • Software Defined Storage (SDS)
  • Medical imaging
  • Video post-production
  • HPC (high-performance computing)
  • High capacity file server
  • High capacity database server
  • Research data
  • Scientific data
  • Satellite data
  • Telescope data
  • Disk-to-disk backup
  • Data archive

Supported drives

3.5'' SATA HDD
10TB (7,200 RPM)
12TB (7,200 RPM)
3.5'' SAS HDD
10TB (7,200 RPM)
12TB (7,200 RPM)
2.5'' SAS HDD
2.5'' SSD
200GB + MUX
400GB + MUX


System features

Environmental monitoring
This system uses industry-standard SCSI Enclosure Services to monitor enclosure and disk environmental conditions
SAS backplane
Intelligent SAS backplane design (using no cables) allows hot-swapping of drive canisters, power supplies and fans for increased reliability, lower cost, and ease of maintenance
Patented vibration isolation technology. Precise cuts in the baseboard provide a suspension for the drives in the chassis, isolating them from transmitted vibration. The result is that consistent performance is maintained, even when all the drives are working hard
Arctic Flow
Patented thermal zone cooling technology. By introducing cool air into the center of the chassis, drives operate at lower and more consistent temperatures than conventional systems. This results in lower fan speeds, reduced vibration, lower power consumption, quieter operation and ultimately higher reliability
Interface ports
Single or dual SAS IO modules, each with six 12Gb/s mini-SAS HD multifunctional ports
Drive support
Supports the latest SAS3 12Gb/s HDD and SSD
SSD performance tier
Available option to configure up to 24 Ultrastar SSDs to create separate performance tiers within the enclosure
Cable management
Cable management arm simplifies maintenance of hot-swappable CRUs
Microsoft Certified
Create inexpensive, reliable, storage by using this JBOD with Windows Server 2016
5 Years Warranty
5 Years Warranty covering all parts including disk drives

Data storage configuration

Configuration & installation

Reduce your installation and set-up time by allowing us to pre-configure your system.

We will build a system with drives, and then test it before shipping. It will arrive ready for our professional installers to quickly rack and complete set-up. All you need to do is provide us with your desired network configuration info and we'll do the rest. If you don't want to share any details with us then we'll give you as much support as you need to get the system set-up once it has been physically installed.


JetStor support

Service & support

Select your desired service level and get expert support from a storage professional.

Support packages range from standard next business day telephone, e-mail and web support with advance parts replacements, through to engineer on-site, and 24x7 4hr response. We will provide an appropriate SLA for your specific needs, wherever you are based in Europe. If you're out of region then we can still help you, but we'll probably work with a local service partner to improve response times.


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