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JetStor 780JHD SAS JBOD Enterprise

The highest density enterprise 12Gb SAS JBOD. Ideal for massive scale out data storage projects where cost per GB is key and space is at a premium in your data-centre.

jetstor 80 bay jbod


Highest density 12G JBOD

Highest density enterprise 12Gb SAS JBOD for large scale out storage projects. Featuring high performance JetStor dual redundant 12Gb SAS JBOD controllers with eight 12Gb mini-SAS HD host ports. Configure with your choice of high capacity NL-SAS HDD including the latest 8TB drives. This gives you up to 640TB RAW capacity in just 4U. Other configurations are available.


Low cost 12G SAS JBOD

The JetStor 780JHD enables you to store your data at the lowest industry cost per GB per rackmount unit. VSPL will custom build your JBOD expansion chassis with the capacity you need using off the shelf enterprise drives. This means you get the very best price possible for enterprise NL-SAS HDDs and aren't paying a premium price on re-branded HDDs from a traditional storage vendor. 

Technical specification

  • (4U) rackmount chassis
  • 80 x 3.5'' hot-swap drive bays
  • System scalable to 80 drive bays
  • Max system capacity 960TB with 12TB drives
  • Dual redundant 12Gb SAS JBOD controllers
  • 8 x 12Gb/s mini-SAS HD host ports
  • Four 650W high efficiency redundant hot swappable power supplies
  • Industry-standard SCSI Enclosure Services
big data storage

Scale out storage

If you're going big then you need to select an affordable high density JBOD which will enable you to store the maximum amount of capacity in your data-centre. This JBOD has been designed specifically to meet the growing storage demands within big data and HPC (High Pefrormance Computing) projects. Use with object storage and scale out file systems like CEPH, Hadoop, ZFS and Microsoft Windows Server 2012.

Example pricing

JetStor 780JHD January 2018 capacity bundles:

480TB* for £27,108**

* Using 80 x 6TB 7.2k NL-SAS drives.
** Excluding delivery, installation or VAT.

640TB* for £30,948**

* Using 80 x 8TB 7.2k NL-SAS drives.
** Excluding delivery, installation or VAT.

800TB* for £35,268**

* Using 80 x 10TB 7.2k NL-SAS drives.
** Excluding delivery, installation or VAT.

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Energy efficient storage

Reduce power consumption in your data-centre and improve storage efficiency. This 12G JBOD features four redundant low power hot-swappable power supply and cooling modules which provides efficient energy saving cooling. Install up to eighty high capacity enterprise 3.5" NL-SAS disk drives in a single 4U SAS JBOD to benefit from the smallest footprint available.


JetStor reseller in Marlow, Bucks, UK


JetStor (by AC&NC) is a comprehensive portfolio of affordable mid-range SAN and NAS appliances, including the highest density energy efficient SAS JBODs. Certified with VMware, Citrix and Microsoft, we have built scalable storage solutions, which use JetStor storage systems, since 2000.


Suitable applications

  • Software Defined Storage (SDS)
  • Medical imaging
  • Video post-production
  • HPC (high-performance computing)
  • High capacity file server
  • High capacity database server
  • Research data
  • Scientific data
  • Satellite data
  • Telescope data
  • Disk-to-disk backup
  • Data archive

Supported drives

3.5'' SATA HDD
1TB (7,200 RPM) + MUX
2TB (7,200 RPM) + MUX
3TB (7,200 RPM) + MUX
4TB (7,200 RPM) + MUX
6TB (7,200 RPM) + MUX
8TB (7,200 RPM) + MUX
10TB (7,200 RPM) + MUX
3.5'' SAS HDD
1TB (7,200 RPM)
2TB (7,200 RPM)
3TB (7,200 RPM)
4TB (7,200 RPM)
6TB (7,200 RPM)
8TB (7,200 RPM)
10TB (7,200 RPM)
2.5'' SAS HDD
450GB (10,000 RPM)
600GB (10,000 RPM)
900GB (10,000 RPM)
1.2TB (10,000 RPM)
1.8TB (10,000 RPM)
2.5'' SSD
480GB + MUX
600GB + MUX
800GB + MUX


System features

Environmental monitoring
This system uses industry-standard SCSI Enclosure Services (SES) to monitor enclosure and disk environmental conditions
SAS backplane
Intelligent SAS backplane design (using no cables) allows hot-swapping of drive canisters, power supplies and fans for increased reliability, lower cost, and ease of maintenance
Power saving
Featuring high efficiency redundant hot swappable power supplies and intelligent power management to save energy and extend service life
Interface ports
Single or dual SAS JBOD controller modules with multiple 6Gb/s mini-SAS or 12Gb/s mini-SAS HD ports which can be designated as host or expansion
Drive support
Support for the latest SAS3 12Gb/s drives
Windows Storage Spaces
Create inexpensive, reliable, cluster-connected storage by using this JBOD with Windows Server 2012
Storage sizing and planning

Capacity & performance

We will custom build this system with the capacity and performance you require.

We will help you to determine the capacity or performance, and you may then select enterprise class drives from any of the certified drive models including HDDs and SSDs for a high performance tier or for caching. Discover which capacity drives are supported before requesting a custom quotation for your desired configuration. If you need any help, speak with our pre-sales team.


Data storage configuration

Installation & pre-configuration

Reduce your installation and set-up time by allowing us to pre-configure your system.

By pre-configuring with drives and testing systems before installing, they will arrive with you ready to rack and go. All you need to do is provide us with your desired network configuration details and we'll do the rest.


JetStor support

Service & support

Select your desired service level and get expert support from a storage professional.

Support packages range from standard next business day telephone, e-mail and web support with advance parts replacements, through to engineer on-site, and 24x7 4hr response. We will provide an appropriate SLA for your specific needs, wherever you are based in Europe. If you're out of region then we can still help you, but we'll probably work with a local service partner to improve response times.


jetstor storage

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