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ActiveScale P100 Private Cloud Storage

ActiveScale P100 | Private Cloud Storage

If you are reviewing object storage then you must consider this scale-up and scale-out modular object storage system. With a low entry point and certified by all leading application vendors, ActiveScale enables long term retention of all data requiring fast retrieval.

ActiveScale P100 private cloud object storage

Technical specification

  • Start small, scale big
  • Data durability from 99.999999999%
  • RESTful S3 (NFS/SMB via NAS gateway)
  • Start with up to 508TB usable capacity
  • Scale to 12.9PB usable capacity distributed across three sites
  • Up to 3.5GB/s of throughput (per site)

Suitable applications

  • Enterprise storage
  • Storage tiering
  • File sync & share
  • Media and entertainment
  • Audio & video streaming
  • Video archive
  • Cloud DVR storage
  • Life sciences
  • Medical imaging storage
  • Genome sequencing storage
  • Tiered GPFS storage
  • Backup, recovery & archive
  • Backup as a Service (BaaS)
  • Long-term archive
  • Disaster recovery
  • Digital forensic investigation
  • Secure long-term case archiving
  • eDiscovery
  • Private cloud-based archiving
Eliminate backup appliances and tape

Eliminate backup appliances and tape

Great for those backing up very large data sets.

By deploying ActiveScale as a private cloud storage target you can eliminate on-premise backup appliances, including tape, from your organisation. This would vastly improve data management and reduces both the initial investment in appliances, and the ongoing operational costs. In combination with StorReduce you can create your own multi-site private cloud data protection solution built upon a scalable object storage platform and StorReduce's inline de-duplication software. This marriage of innovative and disruptive technology reduces the amount of data stored and improves protection through distributed data placement across multiple geographic regions. Interested to know more? Download the brief and then schedule a confidential meeting with a VSPL storage expert.

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Software defined storage soltutions

Petabyte scale unified backup and archive

Consolidate archive and backup data for maximum value.

For those with a single or three interconnected sites, you could consolidate irregularly accessed data with all of your backups, in a simple to scale unified backup/archive solution. By deploying ActiveScale object storage you would achieve considerably better resiliency through the distribution of data across multiple sites without any requirement to replicate storage. With a single copy of data spread across three sites you could survive a complete loss of a site without losing access to any data. Interested to find out more? Give us a call.

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Instant access to archive storage

Instant access to archive storage

Working with huge data sets requires a big data solution.

If you are working with huge data sets within healthcare, or life sciences, then you will be familiar with the challenges of storing and sharing data. You could deploy ActiveScale as a private cloud storage solution which would enable instant shared access to all irregularly accessed data. Benefit from cloud scalability, durability, and efficiency with an extremely low cost per usable Gigabyte.

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