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E8 Storage NVMe over Fabrics

E8 Storage | NVMe over Fabrics

A software-defined high-availability NVMe storage appliance combining off-the shelf NVMe drives with E8 Storage's software to allow shared writable volumes that deliver extremely low levels of latency.




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E8 Storage partner in Marlow, Bucks, UK

E8 Storage

Shared accelerated storage.

We provide fully integrated appliances as well as scalable software-defined storage solutions featuring industry standard enclosures, off the shelf NVMe drives and E8 Storage's software. E8 Storage can accelerate a wide range of applications.


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Solution integration

Perhaps you just need to buy some affordable disk storage to add capacity to your existing environment. We'll help you to select the most suitable hardware platform. If you need a little more help, we can architect a fully integrated solution. Our experienced, friendly, technical sales team is always here to to assist you.

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