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Storage Area Network (SAN)

Storage Area Network (SAN)

Affordable, scalable, VMware certified block based storage.

We can help you to select and implement a SAN without compromising on reliability, availability or performance. These include extremely low latency systems with high bandwidth 16Gb Fibre Channel (FC) interfaces for mission critical environments, as well as VMware certified 10GbE iSCSI arrays. We design solutions from stretched fibre clusters with synchronous mirroring for hosting Virtual Machine (VM) estates, to accelerating SQL and Exchange databases utilising the latest flash technology.


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JetStor 816X

data storage array

With 96.0TB for £7,969** Excluding delivery, installation and VAT.

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JetStor 816X SAN Array iSCSI & FC

Mid-range SAN array with enterprise class features and reliability. Provides seamless scalability for virtualised server environments and critical business applications.

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JetStor 812X

data storage array

With 72.0TB for £6,338** Excluding delivery, installation and VAT.

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JetStor 812X SAN Array iSCSI & FC

An affordable iSCSI or Fibre Channel SAN array. Seamless scalability with advanced data management features and enterprise-leve availability.

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JetStor 826XD

data storage array

With 49.9TB for £36,707** Excluding delivery, installation and VAT.

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JetStor 826XD SAN Array All Flash

The new JetStor 826XD All Flash Array provides exceptional performance in an extremely dense and affordable 2U, 26 bay chassis. Featuring full redundancy, support for the latest capacity SSDs, advanced data management features with 16Gb Fibre Channel connectivity, we will custom confgure each system with the performance and capacity you require.

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JetStor 760iS 10G

data storage array

With 360.0TB for £29,706** Excluding delivery, installation and VAT.

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JetStor 760iS 10G SAN Array

A very high-density and low cost 10Gb iSCSI RAID array. Ideal for high-performance and capacity intensive data applications.

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JetStor 864F

data storage array

With 384.0TB for £30,140** Excluding delivery, installation and VAT.

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JetStor 864F SAN Array

Very high-density low cost 16Gb/s FC storage array. The JetStor 864F enables affordable large scale storage of massive data capacities in the smallest footprint available.

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JetStor 760iS

data storage array

With 360.0TB for £26,662** Excluding delivery, installation and VAT.

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JetStor 760iS SAN Array

A very high-density and affordable iSCSI RAID storage array. Ideal for hosting capacity intensive non-critical data applications.

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JetStor reseller in Marlow, Bucks, UK


SAN, NAS & JBOD systems.

JetStor (by AC&NC) is a comprehensive portfolio of affordable mid-range SAN and NAS appliances, including the highest density energy efficient SAS JBODs. Certified with VMware, Citrix and Microsoft, we have built scalable storage solutions, which use JetStor storage systems, since 2000.


Seagate drive partner in Marlow, Bucks, UK


Large capacity drives.

We have integrated storage solutions featuring reliable Seagate drives for over 15 years. We provide the latest Seagate 3.5" NL-SAS HDDs for bulk storage, and 2.5" 10k enterprise performance drives for applications requiring faster transaction processing. We provide the full range of Seagate's products and services.


HGST partner in Marlow, Bucks, UK

HGST, Western Digital

Object storage, JBOD, storage servers.

VSPL is an HGST Enterprise Partner, integrating and supplying storage systems with HGSTs high capacity helium filled disk drives to provide bulk storage capacity for large-scale storage projects. HGST manufactures SSDs, HDDs, JBODs and a massively scalable private cloud system for long term retention of data.


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Perhaps you just need to buy some affordable disk storage to add capacity to your existing environment. We'll help you to select the most suitable hardware platform. If you need a little more help, we can architect a fully integrated solution. Our experienced, friendly, technical sales team is always here to to assist you.

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