Rugged Edge Computing

Accelerate time to response by processing data at source. We provide rugged edge computing solutions, and build custom designed rugged transportable systems to enable real-time data analysis and decision making.

Rugged Edge Computing

Application acceleration

Application acceleration

Providing a consistent application experience for users by minimising latency within an environment.


Data Management

Data management

Improving the way that data is collected, accessed, processed and protected with task-specific infrastructure.


Solution Design

Solution design

Our experienced solutions engineering team will design, plan, and integrate your selected infrastructure.


We provide rugged portable computing solutions for commercial and military applications


Our experienced solutions engineering team will work with you to determine your requirements for rugged computing projects.

We have supplied rugged portable systems including:

Rugged portable workstations
For broadcast, data acquisition and image exploitation.
Rugged payloads
Highly portable rugged payloads designed to be transportable by a single person.
Rugged portable servers
Deployable and embedded land and sea portable rugged servers to maintain military applications.
Rugged portable storage
Compact portable rugged storage devices including single, high capacity, HDDs and SDDs, as well as RAID protected storage and encrypted media to physically transport data securely between locations.
Rugged laptops
High performance rugged laptops and tablets for use within adverse weather conditions and secure environments, and small briefcase rugged servers providing server class performance in a portable laptop style device.

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Custom engineering design

When a product has not been available off the shelf, we have still been able to integrate solutions for our clients through our ability to bring together products and services from our partners, customise Component Off The Shelf (COTS) technology, or design bespoke hardware and software.

Ruuged portable computer reseller in Marlow, Bucks, UK


Rugged portable computers.

We supply MaxVision Rugged Portable Computers for rugged projects throughout UK and Europe which require extreme performance. Designed to handle the most demanding performance and display requirements in extreme operating conditions, discover their COTS rugged workstations and servers.


How have we helped our clients?

Custom engineering design

Custom engineering design

Bridging the gap within defence and aerospace.

I've designed and built; a turnkey real time sonar data acquisition system which captured data from the seabed via a fibre optic link; the interface and drivers to enable aircraft instrumentation data to be processed; and the interface between the computer system running the flight model and the system which controlled the hydraulics for the AW101 (EH101) Merlin helicopter simulator.

Chris Smith - Technical Director, VSPL