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Expert consultancy for your project

Consultancy, design, architecture, supply, installation and support.

Expert consultancy for your project

Consultancy, design, architecture, supply, installation and support.

  • Technical consulting
  • Design & architecture
  • Configuration & installation
  • Support & maintenance

Technical consulting

If you know what you’re trying to achieve, but need a little bit of help getting there, then rely upon our expert consultancy to understand your project specific requirements and objectives. For over 29 years we have integrated compute, storage and networking technologies from multiple vendors to create bespoke computing solutions that address complex business problems. We will help you define and validate your project specific requirements and identify vendors which you may not be aware of. We will then review and compare technology from multiple vendors with you.

Design & architecture

If a product is not available off the shelf, we will architect a solution using products and services from our vendor partners. We've designed end to end data management solutions including low latency shared storage appliances, petabyte scale storage platforms, and turn-key deployable systems. We will assist with technology demonstrations, vendor discussions, and enable Proof of Concept (POC) evaluations to test hardware/software to ensure compliance against project specific requirements.

Configuration & installation

We pre-configure and test everything we supply in order to reduce time and effort spent setting up on-site. We progress each contract through a quality assured managed process, so you know that what you've asked for is what you’ll receive. Whether it's a new server to add to your existing cluster, scaling up a storage solution or configuring replication between data-centres - we're here to ensure that testing and commissioning of the solution runs smoothly, and if there are any challenges presented then we're on hand to help you overcome them.

Support & maintenance

We reduce complexity for our customers by providing a single point of contact for all service and support requests. We wrap a comprehensive support agreement around every contract, with an SLA to meet individual demands. A VSPL support engineer fields all requests, co-coordinating resources and assimilating responses from support organisations ensuring that each case is progressed through to its logical conclusion. We also undertake field maintenance and off-site repairs, acting as a primary contact service partner covering multi-vendor data-centre technology.

Supply IT hard and software to Central Government

Central Government

We have delivered 1,000+ contracts to departments within Central Government. This includes specifying, supplying and supporting enterprise data-centre infrastructure.

We provide expert consultancy on data management projects, and supply a range of data-centre infrastructure including servers, systems, storage and networking appliances from industry leading vendors. We are familiar with sourcing a wide range of tier two vendor products from around the world. We have a team of technical sales professionals who will determine technical requirements, undertake research, offer advice and produce reliable quotations. In addition to the supply of hardware and software IT solutions, we provide a managed procurement service for the procurement of multi-vendor tier one and tier two IT infrastructure.


IT solutions for digital forensic investigation

Territorial police forces and national law enforcement

Over 50% of UK police forces use custom data storage solutions from us to accelerate their digital forensic investigation.

We work closely with computer crime units, collaborative units and government agencies undertaking digital forensic investigation, enabling them to ingest, process and archive data faster and more securely than ever before. We help them to acquire and secure evidential data in an affordable manner, and to process this data more efficiently before preserving it to satisfy statutory requirements. Due to our in depth knowledge of high capacity storage projects, and with more than 15 years' experience designing data storage solutions to accelerate digital forensic investigation, we are perfectly positioned to make recommendations on the most appropriate technology to accelerate workflows. We supply a range of high performance forensic workstations, systems for processing data, scalable storage appliances, archiving systems, and high-bandwidth networking.


Data management solutions for education and research

Education & research

We accelerate workflows and enable organisations to store, protect and access huge data sets faster than ever before.

We have helped schools and colleges protect their virtual estates and improve user experience. Our work with universities and research institutes has included integrating extremely high-density bulk disk storage for large-scale archiving, scale-out distributed storage environments to support petabyte scale processing and retention, and the provision of private cloud infrastructure for those who need to work autonomously or who can't transport data off campus. Solutions often involve a mix of server nodes, systems, storage and networking appliances. With a portfolio of disruptive technology, and traditional data-centre infrastructure from industry leading vendors, we add value by providing expert consultancy on data management projects whether you need to accelerate workflows, protect VMs or deploy multiple petabytes for storing unstructured data.