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What we do

What we do

We provide our clients with expert consultancy on data management projects.

What we do

We provide our clients with expert consultancy on data management projects.

We take time to truly understand our clients’ requirements before designing innovative solutions which combine compute, storage and networking technologies. We negotiate pricing and terms with vendors before our professional services team design, install and commission every solution. Key to our success is wrapping a support contract around every purchase so you know who to call. Discover the areas we help with below.


  • Technical consulting
  • Design & architecture
  • Configuration & installation
  • Support & maintenance

Technical consulting

If you know what you’re trying to achieve, but need a little bit of help getting there, then rely upon our expert consultancy to understand your project specific requirements and objectives. For over 29 years we have integrated compute, storage and networking technologies from multiple vendors to create bespoke computing solutions that address complex business problems. We will help you define and validate your project specific requirements and identify vendors which you may not be aware of. We will then review and compare technology from multiple vendors with you.

Design & architecture

If a product is not available off the shelf, we will architect a solution using products and services from our vendor partners. We've designed end to end data management solutions including low latency shared storage appliances, petabyte scale storage platforms, and turn-key deployable systems. We will assist with technology demonstrations, vendor discussions, and enable Proof of Concept (POC) evaluations to test hardware/software to ensure compliance against project specific requirements.

Configuration & installation

We pre-configure and test everything we supply in order to reduce time and effort spent setting up on-site. We progress each contract through a quality assured managed process, so you know that what you've asked for is what you’ll receive. Whether it's a new server to add to your existing cluster, scaling up a storage solution or configuring replication between data-centres - we're here to ensure that testing and commissioning of the solution runs smoothly, and if there are any challenges presented then we're on hand to help you overcome them.

Support & maintenance

Our mission is to reduce complexity for our customers by providing a single point of contact for all service and support queries. The person who configured and installed your system will likely be the person who would support it. This reduces the time spent first understanding a complex deployment, which accelerates the time to fix. We will process all requests and liaise with vendor support organisation to facilitate a timely resolution, with an SLA which matches your needs.

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If you would like further information on any of our solutions or services, please contact us today to discover how we can help you.

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Feedback from some of the projects we have delivered

Custom engineering design

Large-scale archival storage of digital objects

Helping The British Library build a large-scale digital preservation system.

Our procurement was conducted using the procedures appropriate for a UK Government body. After careful consideration of the sixteen responses that we received we awarded the tender to VSPL, who proposed a solution using JetStor disk arrays. The cost quoted was well under £100,000.

Technology Watch Report - Digital Preservation Coalition