We deliver value to our clients by helping them acquire, process and protect large-scale datasets.

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Providing task-specific hybrid-cloud solutions


Providing task-specific hybrid-cloud solutions

We accelerate data-centric projects by designing, architecting and integrating task-specific hybrid-cloud solutions for organisations that generate and process huge amounts of data.

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Supplying compute, networking and storage systems for core and edge processing


We partner with technology providers to supply a range of server, storage, networking and software products - which we combine to create agile, scalable and efficient solutions for our clients who need to deploy infrastructure on-premises or transition to hybrid-cloud.

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Who do we work with?

Supply IT hard and software to Central Government

Central Government

The public sector team has delivered 1,000+ contracts to departments within Central Government. This includes specifying, supplying, installing and supporting task-specific server, networking and storage infrastructure for petabyte-scale projects.



IT solutions for digital forensic investigation

Law Enforcement

Over 50% of UK territorial police forces have selected VSPL to accelerate in-house digital forensic computing capabilities, deploying task-specific private-cloud infrastructure enabling efficient data capture, analysis and preservation.

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Data management solutions for education and research

Scientific Research

Universities and scientific organisations that generate huge amounts of data have benefited from our scale-out storage solutions leveraging commodity hardware. This approach enables the accelerated capture, processing and long-term protection of large-scale datasets at an extremely low cost per useable petabyte.


How have we helped our clients?

F1 HPC engine telemetry system

Helping Honda race to success by capturing and processing telemetry data in real-time

I worked closely with Honda's research engineers and software teams to deliver a prototype system within just six weeks from initial contact with VSPL. The development platform was delivered on budget and on time, with production systems commissioned and remaining in service for ten years. Integrated in rugged transportable data cabinets, the systems were transported to each test and race, performing with unprecedented reliability despite the rigours of continuous global shipping and handling.

Nick Alaway - Formula One Project Lead


Shared storage area for Met Police

Enabling Metropolitan Police to protect and process evidence affordably with a scalable data storage solution

Simply, we were looking to acquire as much storage, at the best price possible, and got the best deal with VSPL out of all the suppliers we approached. VSPL also had a good understanding of our requirements and sold us the best, not the most expensive, equipment to meet our needs. We have also enjoyed excellent after sales service.

Computer Systems Laboratory Manager, Metropolitan Police


Sony Oxford OXF-R3 digital console

Powering signal processing for Sony Oxford OXF-R3 digital mixing console

The Oxford OXF-R3 was a ground-breaking 96 channel highly programmable digital console. It is nothing less than a behemoth of a digital audio processor. The software running inside the system physically conformed to familiar console aesthetics, but entirely escaped the analogue domain. VSPL architected the bespoke compute engine for Sony. This HPC solution performed the DSP maths in real time on the 96 channels, and VSPL still supports OXF-R3 users with spares & support.