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About VSPL

About VSPL

We know about technology, which is why our clients rely upon our expert consultancy and technical leadership to deliver IT storage projects throughout the UK & Europe.

We're a small, agile team of professionals with a deep understanding of how to integrate compute, storage and networking technologies. Using the knowledge and experience gained over 29 years, we accelerate workflows and enable organisations to store, protect and share data faster than ever before.

We do this by working with industry leading vendors, and with the latest startups who are disrupting the industry through innovative technology. We've maintained a loyal client base throughout the years, and have delivered over 1,000 contracts to departments within Central Government, and work closely with over 50% of UK police forces to design custom data storage solutions which accelerate their digital forensic investigations.


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Feedback from some of the projects we have delivered

Shared storage area for Met Police

Network storage for digital forensic investigation

Helping the police to protect and process evidence affordably.

Simply, we were looking to acquire as much storage, at the best price possible, and got the best deal with JetStor out of all the manufacturers we approached. VSPL also had a good understanding of our requirements and sold us the best, not the most expensive, equipment to meet our needs. We have also enjoyed excellent after sales service.

John Jack - Computer Systems Laboratory Manager, SCD4, Metropolitan Police