Accelerating data-intensive applications using the latest sustainable HPC infrastructure

High-performance computing solutions

High-performance Computing

Whether your research involves discovering ways to save our planet, or looking far beyond it, we'll help your project by ensuring that the HPC infrastructure you rely upon is optimised and integrates seamlessly into your environment. We partner with innovative start-ups and technology leaders to solve demanding requirements for our clients.

  • GPU-accelerated computing

    Custom built GPU systems with the latest NVIDIA GPUs to accelerate data-intensive applications. We configure every system to meet your operational objectives. Our GPU-accelerated systems are deployed to accelerate compute intensive requirements like Machine Learning and mission-critical applications.

  • Low-latency networking

    Lowest-latency InfiniBand and efficient Ethernet based solutions to connect server and storage infrastructure for your cluster. We provide the full range of connectivity products from network adapters through to single, and rack-scale switching deployments.

  • High-performance storage

    We integrate high-performance, resilient, scalable storage systems. These systems include custom configured nodes and appliances, with open-source or commercial software - engineered to meet our client's specific requirements.

We've accelerated pipelines for 50+ research organisations throughout Europe

Our HPC infrastructure solutions include low-latency networking, integrating GPU accelerated systems for distributed processing, and deploying scale-out high-performance file systems unleashing the performance of NVMe to accelerate processing times.