Providing the platform to accelerate digital forensics investigations

Digital fornesics infrastructure

Digital Forensics Platform

We work closely with Cyber Crime Units (CCU), Digital Forensics Units (DFU), collaborative units, government agencies and commercial practitioners undertaking digital forensics investigations, providing a scalable, task-specific platform that accelerates the gathering and analysis of evidential and intelligence data.


60% of UK police forces rely upon our ISO compliant platform

When collecting and processing large volumes of data, our ISO compliant hybrid-cloud platform for digital forensics investigations enables our clients to rapidly collect, preserve, analyse and present evidential data.

  • ISO standard workflow

    ISO standard workflow

    Our ISO standard 17020, 17025 and 15189 compliant reference architectures for digital forensics workflows enable our clients to rapidly collect, preserve, analyse and present data.

  • Solution design

    Solution design

    We take an agnostic approach to IT infrastructure solution design, creating solutions unique to operational situations and in compliance with your overarching IT strategy.

  • Workflow optimisation

    Workflow optimisation

    We'll discuss your objectives with you and then draw on our experience eliminating bottlenecks, creating an accredited workflow to accelerate the collection and processing of evidential and intelligence data.

  • De-risk and maximise the ROI

    De-risk and maximise the ROI

    By collaborating with your independent software application vendor(s) to determine performance requirements, our solutions provide a premium user experience, and ensure the maximum return on your investment.

  • Start small and scale big

    Start small, scale big

    Solutions typically scale from a few terabytes into many petabytes of capacity, and can support multiple protocols concurrently. We'll analyse your workflow and design platforms that deliver high-bandwidth and low-latencies.

  • Flexible deployment

    Flexible deployment

    Our reference platform designs include deployments that span maintaing systems on-premises, co-located in our datacentre(s), running in our private cloud or a hybrid combination.

  • System integration

    System integration

    We build and configure systems, and verify new technology in our lab before rolling out the platform. Our clients rely upon our 30 years' project-level expertise delivering transformational data-centric projects.

  • Enhanced support

    Enhanced support

    Our support team has in-depth knowledge of the technology we represent, often providing an enhanced resolution for most issues. We co-ordinate the manufacturers responses for our clients.

Helping Metropolitan Police protect and process evidence efficiently

"Simply, we were looking to acquire as much storage, at the best price possible, and got the best deal with VSPL out of all the suppliers we approached. VSPL also had a good understanding of our requirements and sold us the best, not the most expensive, equipment to meet our needs. We have also enjoyed excellent after sales service."

Computer Systems Laboratory Manager, Metropolitan Police

Enabling collection, search, and rapid retrieval of large volumes of information

"It says a lot about JetStor storage platforms that after using one for years, we purchased another, from VSPL. The platform has been rock solid with uptime better than 99.9 percent. Its dependability is important to our business because we simply don’t have the time to deal with lost data or reliability issues. Why should we take a chance with another vendor’s products when our legacy JetStor chassis has performed flawlessly for years?"

Mattias Aggeler | Partner, Swiss FTS