We've had so much fun working with amazing brands

Capturing and processing data in real-time for Formula One

"I worked closely with Vector and Scalar's research engineers and software teams to deliver a prototype system within just six weeks from initial contact with them. The development platform was delivered on budget and on time, with production systems commissioned and remaining in service for ten years. Integrated in rugged transportable data cabinets, the systems were transported to each test and race, performing with unprecedented reliability despite the rigours of continuous global shipping and handling."


Enabling Metropolitan Police to image and process evidence more efficiently

"Simply, we were looking to acquire as much storage, at the best price possible, and got the best deal with VSPL out of all the suppliers we approached. VSPL also had a good understanding of our requirements and sold us the best, not the most expensive, equipment to meet our needs. We have also enjoyed excellent after sales service."

Computer Systems Laboratory Manager, Metropolitan Police

Custom engineering designs for challenging environments

"I designed and built; a turnkey real time sonar data acquisition system which captured data from the seabed via a fibre optic link; the interface and drivers to enable aircraft instrumentation data to be processed; and the interface between the computer system running the flight model and the system which controlled the hydraulics for the AW101 (EH101) Merlin helicopter simulator. Such fun working at Vector and Scalar!"

engineer, vector and scalar

Powering signal processing for Sony's digital mixing console

"The Oxford OXF-R3 is a ground-breaking 96 channel highly programmable digital console. It is nothing less than a behemoth of a digital audio processor. The software running inside the system physically conformed to familiar console aesthetics, but entirely escaped the analogue domain. We architected the bespoke compute engine for Sony. This HPC solution performed the DSP maths in real time on the 96 channels, and VSPL still supports OXF-R3 users with spares & support."

Founder, vector & scalar

Large-scale archival of digital objects for long-term preservation

"Our procurement was conducted using the procedures appropriate for a UK Government body. After careful consideration of the sixteen responses that we received we awarded the tender to VSPL, who proposed a solution using JetStor disk arrays."

Technology Watch Report - Digital Preservation Coalition

Accelerating post-production in North London

"We are very happy with the performance, speed and efficiency. Much better than previous systems and easily capable of handling the high-data rates required using the new RED camera system. Also great service and support from Vector and Scalar."

Managing Director, Blue Tuna

Enabling collection, search, and rapid retrieval of large volumes of information

"It says a lot about JetStor storage platforms that after using one for years, we purchased another, from VSPL. The platform has been rock solid with uptime better than 99.9 percent. Its dependability is important to our business because we simply don’t have the time to deal with lost data or reliability issues. Why should we take a chance with another vendor’s products when our legacy JetStor chassis has performed flawlessly for years?"