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We provide data storage solutions and services. We have an unusual name however it explains our heritage.

We were established in 1988 by Russ Gadd and Barrie Alaway to provide leading edge super computing solutions to the scientific community within Europe. The name is derived from the different types of processors used in the supercomputers we sold back then, like Cray Supercomputers...

ISO 9001 Registered Company

ISO 9001 Registered

Quality is very important to us. We are committed to providing a high level of workmanship and quality for all work undertaken, which is a guarantee to our customers that the products and services they receive from us will be acceptable and meet their expectation and requirements. VSPL is accredited by NQA to the latest ISO 9001 : 2008 standard for the supply, installation and warranty repair of computer hardware and peripherals and the supply of proprietary software.


HPC doesn't stand still.

Vector supercomputers simply couldn't keep up with the price/performance of microprocessors and there was a trend towards parallel processing. We reacted to the market and offered systems with superscalar microprocessing re-establishing VSPL as a High Performance Tech Compute (HPTC) partner for DEC. To remain relevant to modern day working we've continued to adapt and evolve as a business with technology advancements, yet we still rely upon our deep knowledge of HPC (High Performance Computing) gained over many years when supporting our customers.

So what do we do today?

We focus the knowledge gained over 27 years to provide data storage solutions and services. We are a small dynamic company who work closely with departments within large organisation, and have a history of supplying data-centre infrastructure to Central Government, universities, research organisation, education, local authorities, schools and law enforcement. We offer demonstrable experience in delivering enterprise wide projects, and rely upon an efficient and knowledgeable low-churn team, who maintain benchmark industry accreditation to provide reliable input at key stages throughout every engagement. Our ethos is to provide our customers with an agile, responsive IT computing solution to suit any budget.

What makes us a little bit different?

By combining our unique capabilities as a solution provider and integrator, we create real value for our customers by providing an integrated suite of solutions and services that enables their IT to adapt to evolving business requirements. That means if a product is not available off the shelf, we can integrate a solution by combining products and services from our vendor partners, customise Component Off The Shelf (COTS) technology, or design bespoke hardware and software.

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