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JetStor 824X High-density SAN Array

A high-density, scalable, 4U, 24-bay SAN array supporting up to 32Gb Fibre Channel and 25GbE iSCSI. We will custom configure with your choice of high-capacity HDD and high-performance SSD. It provides seamless scalability in a dense footprint, advanced data management features and enterprise-class availability. Each JetStor SAN array is configured to order with the exact capacity and performance you require so if you're not sure what you need, our experienced storage engineering team will discuss options with you.


JetStor 824FX Datasheet (Fibre Channel)

JetStor 824iX Datasheet (iSCSI)

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  • Configured with:

    (Active/Active) controllers

  • Interface options:

    10GbE iSCSI (RJ45)
    10GbE iSCSI (SFP+)
    25Gb iSCSI (SFP28)
    16Gb/32Gb FC (SFP+)

  • Scalable

    Up to 7.7PB with 18TB HDD

The SAN for high-capacity block storage requirements

JetStor systems are ideally suited to high-capacity storage projects, and have been extensively deployed throughout Europe to support large capacity tier 2 workloads requiring high-density, high-performance and reliability. Typical use cases include supporting dense virtual machine estates to backup, archiving, audio & video streaming, imaging and large-scale CCTV projects.

Get enterprise-level data management as standard

JetStor 824X High-density SAN Array provides comprehensive storage functionality, delivering enterprise-level features in a mid-range priced system. Featuring intelligent SSD caching and auto-tiering; automated storage space management and standard data-protection features including snapshots, clones, and remote replication.

  • Array Roaming

    Array Roaming feature gives administrators the ability to move a complete raid set to another system without losing RAID configuration and data on that RAID group.

  • Redundant Image

    Redundant flash image provides an extra layer of protection against the firmware image corruption. If the primary firmware of the RAID controller becomes corrupted, the secondary firmware image will automatically be used.

  • RAID Support

    Controller provides support for RAID level 0, 1, 0+1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 30, 50, 60, JBOD, Global Hot Spare Disk, Auto Rebuild.

  • Controller Cache

    Up to 128GB of DDR4 ECC SDRAM-based data cache per controller.

  • SAS Backplane

    Intelligent SAS backplane design (using no cables) allows hot-swapping of drive canisters, power supplies and fans for increased reliability, lower cost, and ease of maintenance.

  • Advanced Data Management

    Support for manual and scheduled snapshots, volume cloning, replication and thin provisioning.

  • Auto-tiering

    Up to five automated tiering policies ensures that data is served with an appropriate level of performance, depending on access patterns, ensuring optimal use of all storage tiers.

  • GUI Management

    Built-in Ethernet management port provides easy access to the web-based GUI RAID Manager for configuration, management, and monitoring functions. E-mail event notification is built-in.

  • RAID Integrity

    Scheduled on-line parity consistency verification feature insures RAID set integrity.

  • 4,096 LUNs

    Up to 4,096 addressable LUNs.

  • Capacity Expansion

    Capacity expansion through JBOD disk expansion enclosures.

  • Solution design

    We take an agnostic approach to IT infrastructure solution design, creating solutions unique to operational situations and in compliance with your overarching IT strategy.

  • Configuration and installation

    We'll assemble, pre-configure and test your system prior to shipping to site. It will arrive ready for our professional installers to quickly rackmount, before completing set-up and handover.

  • Support

    Support packages range from standard next business day telephone, e-mail and web support with advance parts replacements, through to engineer on-site, and 24x7 4hr response.

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