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MaxCube Rugged Deployable Edge Server

A portable, extremely compact, powerful and feature-rich rugged deployable edge server to support mission critical applications and virtual environments. MaxCube is the most compact, most powerful, most feature-rich rugged deployable commodity hardware server available on the market today. This means that you can deploy a high-performance server with lots of SSDs and GPU acceleration, with monitor and keyboard in an extremely small footprint (about a cubic square foot) and still be hand transportable by a single person - making it the highest density portable server available today.

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  • Solution design

    We take an agnostic approach to IT infrastructure solution design, creating solutions unique to operational situations and in compliance with your overarching IT strategy.

  • Configuration and installation

    We'll assemble, pre-configure and test your system prior to shipping to site. It will arrive ready for our professional installers to quickly rackmount, before completing set-up and handover.

  • Support

    Support packages range from standard next business day telephone, e-mail and web support with advance parts replacements, through to engineer on-site, and 24x7 4hr response.

Curious about the price?